TONGUES AFIRE! began as a full-length stage play with music… and gradually evolved into TONGUES AFIRE! – A New Musical, with the help of some talented musicians and songwriters. Now, TONGUES AFIRE! – the stage play and TONGUES AFIRE! – the musical have evolved into TONGUES AFIRE! TV.

Our new TV program will include adaptations of my creative works paired down to short vignettes (7 to 10 minutes) and presented in a Readers Theatre format. Each episode focuses on a hot topic about a social justice and/or spiritual issue that opens with a vignette and follows with a discussion.

Episode 1 focuses on “Religious Freedom” that pairs well with my vignette, MARTYR FOR TRUTH. The story is based on Mary Dyer, who died as a martyr for religious freedom in colonial America. She was my ninth-great grandmother. Interesting, right?

Mary Dyer being led to her execution on 1 June 1660, by an unknown 19th-century artist

New Direction

“But… why the new direction?” you might ask. The answer is simple.

Casting TONGUES AFIRE! – the full-length stage play with music could not get off the ground in Salem, Oregon.

First issue. The cast calls for eight African American actors. We couldn’t find them in Salem.

Second issue. As a Caucasian, woman writer, I faced racial discrimination from a couple of male African American pastors.

Third issue. An inability to make connections in Portland, Oregon due to a lack of production funds.

In this latter regard and as the straw that broke the camel’s back, my one and only producer connection in Hollywood lost ability to assist when the individual who had pledged him funds went bust. Thus, it all gets tangled up in a sort of Catch 22.

Bottom line. A production cannot move forward without actors… and without funds nothing happens. And I do mean NOTHING… except perhaps a bad headache accompanied by a serious case of frustration.

Never give up! Yet, in the face of all of this, I refuse to give up!

Hard work. Sure, I’ve met with industry professionals and/or talked to them on the phone. I’ve prayed, read numerous books, taken expensive classes, joined online groups, hired a mentor or two along the way, and followed the advice of successful theatre producers on how to produce a show.

“Talk to your friends and family about supporting your project,” is always their first well-meaning piece of advice. Great idea… for someone else… because it hasn’t worked for me.

Their next piece of advice is to “build relationships,” because people don’t invest in projects, they invest in other people. Well, I’ve followed that advice a number of times with no results. So, nothing I’ve tried has worked. Which has left me… where and with what?


As King Solomon said, “to everything, there is a season, and a time for every purpose under Heaven.” So, it appears to be a matter of timing for going down the production path.

Enter Capital Community TV (CCTV), a free community service. It was introduced to me over two years ago. However, to film at CCTV studios requires more classes and a whole new learning curve. Oh, and of course… more time.

Sigh! It’s now been five long years since my creative journey began. And that was after I put in 10 years of higher education pursuing a graduate degree… which only led me to the starting point of this particular journey.

Furthermore, as if writing and producing my own work hasn’t been enough… now, I’m in the process of learning camera, lighting, sound, and editing and/or locating others to help out. Perhaps one of those technical but creative positions interests you?


No one can do this alone. It requires teamwork. So, if you live in the Salem, Oregon area and God is calling you to join us, please contact me at:  Let me know if you would like to be part of the Production Crew and/or audition to be involved in our Readers Theatre for TONGUES AFIRE! TV.

Additionally, if you have funds that God has been instructing you to use for His Kingdom, and would like to be part of what He is creating here for the good of all… please do not hesitate to let me know. Shalom!



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