Robin’s Volcano Dream/Vision

MAY 2005

Mount St. Helens Erupts

I was at Benny Hinn’s house in southern California. His daughter (18-20 years old but not recognized) was my host and made sure that I had everything I needed during my stay there. She took me to an upstairs room where I would be staying. Early the next morning she told me to go outside and look to the north. My cat, Thomas, was with me.

Mount St. Helens Erupts

Mount St. Helens Erupts

I stood on the deck and looked toward the north. I could see Mount Saint Helens far off in the distance, in southern Washington State, as it exploded. I saw a huge cloud of dust and ash rise from the volcano’s fiery opening as the side of the mountain exploded with insurmountable force toward California. I thought I would be safe because I was so far away, but the dust and ash cloud came very quickly and began falling like snow.

I held my cat and ran to a wooded area for protection. There was a large dead log on the ground. The log had a ledge that I crawled under to escape the direct hit of the volcanic ash. When the ash began to fall around me, I was surprised to discover it was made of small broken pieces of chocolate with caramel centers. I woke up.


A mighty and powerful move of God is coming from outside the church that brings God’s love, truth, unity, healing, and abundance. I was part of it.


To me, Benny Hinn represents healing and the healing ministry. His daughter represents a younger alter ego of mine and the healing ministry. The upstairs room represents the spiritual realm. My cat, Thomas, represents the emotion of love. The volcano represents a territorial kingdom of darkness over the West Coast that will be destroyed.

Chocolate means “bitter water.” Caramel means “cane honey.” The forest represents the natural world or something apart or outside of the religious organizations of men (churches). The dead log represents protection from false doctrines and teachings of men. My cat represents love.

Although the volcanic eruption (literal or figurative) may appear as something bad—chocolate or cacao in its pure form contains healing agents. Sugar honey was hidden inside the chocolate. Honey represents abundance, i.e. entering the Promised Land, or a land flowing with milk and honey, which symbolizes deliverance from bondage or slavery from Egypt represented by the dead log (false doctrines and teachings of men).

Update October 2016:

I was born in Washington State and lived there for 40 years before our Heavenly Father sent my husband, James, and me to “the wilderness.” I experienced the aftermath of Mount Saint Helens when it erupted in May 1980. In 2014, I began writing a prophetic stage play: TONGUES AFIRE! My hope is to produce this play in the Los Angeles area. The purpose of this creative work is to serve as a catalyst for spiritual awakening by the Power of the Holy Spirit, to expose the hidden works of darkness, and to heal wounds caused by generations of racism—even within Christianity.

TONGUES AFIRE! is a historical drama based on the Azusa Street Revival. The story is new and told from the perspective of the African American preacher, William Seymour (represented by chocolate), and answers the question: “What would William Seymour have to say if he came back, today?” I’m expecting the Holy Spirit to move mightily during performances of this play!


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Robin is Co-Founder of Scroll N Pen, and she is a scriptwriter with a Master of Fine Arts in Script and Screenwriting from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


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